What is active release technique?

Active Release Technique is a “pin and stretch” protocol designed to address pain associated with soft tissue disorders. The massage-based technique incorporates over 500 maneuvers to ease muscle tension and improve range of motion. The treatment is individualized and specific to the affected area within a tissue. Active Release Technique is particularly effective for treatment of overuse-associated aches and pain from prolonged sitting or repetitive movements (i.e. typing on a keyboard, golf). 

The accumulation of small tears due to repetitive dysfunctional movement causes your body to produce tough, dense scar tissue which prevents muscle fibres from moving freely. As the amount of scar tissue or adhesions builds up with time, the affected muscle becomes shorter and weaker resulting in a reduction of your range of motion, loss of strength, and ultimately pain. In some cases, these scar tissue impinged on surrounding nerve or tissues causing “pinching” or “stuck” sensations. During the session, the practitioner will apply direct pressure to the affected soft tissue with his hands before applying a stretch away from the pinned muscle.