Why Chiropractic?

Both Dr. Eric and Alyssa chose chiropractic care for similar reasons. That reason is the ability to truly help others become well and stay well through natural healthcare. Chiropractic care has the ability to do that! As health professionals, we find it important to get our patients the care that they need, whatever that may be. You can be assured that we have your best interest in mind!

What we love to do!

Identity Chiropractic Drs. Eric and Alyssa Phillips are professionally trained to treat and manage a variety of conditions comprised of but not limited to the common conditions such as: Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain (Tendonitis), Knee Pain, Heachaches (Migranes), Ankle Pain, Sports Injuries, Accident Injuries and more. Although pain tends to be a reason many decide to visit their chiropractor, we strive to provide much more then that. Our lives are comprised of adventure, both big and small. When we aren't able to go the places we want to go or do the things we love, our quality of life and happiness is certainly diminished. Our goal at Identity Chiropractic is to not only get you out of pain, but get you back to doing the things you love and doing them more efficiently!