Several health insurance companies in Kansas and Missouri currently cover chiropractic care and related therapies.  However, some companies have varying levels of coverage.  It is best to check with your health insurance company first in order to see if you have eligibility and coverage for our services. 

Identity Chiropractic, at this time, DOES NOT submit (or bill) claims to insurance companies.  But if your insurance company will reimburse  "OUT OF NETWORK PROVIDERS" (please check with your insurance company first), we will provide you the necessary legal documentation in order for you to obtain reimbursement from your health insurance company.  We have chosen to do this in order to provide our patients the care that they need without the limitations of insurance. Your care should be dictated by what you need! We will always do our best to serve your needs.  Please let us know this information as it will be assumed that you will not be submitting a claim to your insurance company otherwise.